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Beauty treatments are constantly changing in this industry, and at Bellissimo Beauty Academy we pride ourselves in keeping current with the newest and latest trends & offering the finest techniques for permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup, also referred to as permanent cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, derma pigmentation, & paramedical tattooing is the process of implanting pigment colors into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance the appearance of one’s natural beauty. Permanent makeup can also help to disguise flaws such as an uneven lip line, loss of eyebrows, scars resulting from surgery, areola design for mastectomies or injuries.

At Bellissimo Beauty Academy we offer a choice of brow techniques, such as feathering or “hair” strokes that look incredibly natural, eyeliners customized for your personal preference, from shaded eyeliner to pronounced eyeliner & lips as full and luscious as YOU desire.



Our classes are private or maximum 2 students per class only, offering one on one with your trainer/instructor.

Our teaching style is unique from any other in this industry & our goal is to share all of our knowledge & tips for permanent makeup, in a one-on-one setting. The instructor’s attention will be geared toward you and ultimately your success.

Each class will have live models to work on so you can practice the skills you are learning along with intense guidance from your instructor. Your trainer will be next to you for all questions, and will guide you through the techniques necessary for success in the permanent makeup field.

We offer PERMANENT MAKEUP classes twice a month, as well as REFRESHER WORKSHOPS, once a month to review & get you on your way to feeling comfortable & confident while working on your clients. Please ask for our updated schedule.

If you are looking to seek a rewarding new career in the ever growing field of Permanent Makeup Artistry, let the Bellissimo Beauty Academy work with you and help you on your business path to success!

At the Bellissimo Beauty Academy, our instructors are professional, certified and offer years of experience in the field of permanent makeup.

Beginner Permanent Makeup Training Course Curriculum

Our Fundamental Training Course is designed for beginners and will allow you to start your business right after you finish the course.

Our 5 day course will include theory, practice, homework, regular tests and exams.

We will cover:

  • Introduction to Permanent Makeup
  • The Art of Micropigmentation
  • Indications and Contraindications for Permanent Makeup
  • Standard Procedures for Eyeliner, Eyebrows and Lips
  • Different Techniques in Permanent Makeup – Shading, Hair Strokes(Feathering), Lining, Pointillism, Stippling, Circular
  • Technical Application of Permanent Cosmetics (stretching, accurate insertion, proper angle, depth, etc.)
  • Types of Equipment Used
  • Needle Configurations
  • Facial Anatomy and Physiology
  • Anesthetics Overview
  • Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation (cross-contamination prevention and blood-borne pathogen control)
  • Types of Pigments
  • Color Theory and How to Mix Colors
  • Skin Types
  • Correction of Old Permanent Makeup
  • Infection, Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Sanitation and Sterilization including Paperwork with Specific Inspection Requirements
  • Pre/Post Procedures Care including Aftercare Instruction for Client
  • Conducting Efficient Consultation
  • All Paperwork Required including Consent Forms and Questionnaire
  • All Business Start-Up Requirements and Contacts

Daily Course Outline:

Day 1:

Student registration
Permanent Makeup theory
Lunch break
Hands on practice on practice skin & live model
Theory & tips

Day 2:

Permanent makeup theory
Hands on practice on latex
Lunch break
Hands on practice on live model
Theory & tips

Day 3:

Permanent Makeup theory
Hands on practice on latex
Lunch break
Hands on practice on live models
Theory & tips

Day 4:

Permanent Makeup theory
Hands on practice on latex
Lunch break
Hands on practice on live models
Hands on practice on latex
Theory & tips

Day 5:

Eyeliner, Freckles & Beauty Mark:
Permanent Makeup theory
Hands on practice on latex.
Lunch break
Hands on practice on models
Theory & tips

Program overview.

2 models are needed for each procedure.

Evaluation: Written test, 50 questions, multiple choice.

Certificates Awarded.

No pre-requisite




2 day course covering all relative modules to learn permanent makeup application. Kit is included. *no pmu machine



2 day course covering all relative modules to learn permanent makeup application. Kit is included. *no pmu machine.



2 day course covering all relative modules to learn permanent makeup application. Kit is included. No pmu machine.



Paypal, debit, credit or email money transfer are accepted methods of payment.

Full Payment or 50% of deposit should be paid at time of booking to confirm your space in the class. The balance due is 1 (one) day before the class starts.

Deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred for another Bellissimo Beauty Academy training course. These changes can be made no later than 30 days before the starting date.

Once the student starts the class the full payment is due and non refundable.


Text or Call: (416) 799-0325

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In - class training



I’m so happy with the results of my micro blading technique……my brows look amazing! I have eyebrows now and they look fantastic I really love them they look so natural


I couldn’t wear lash extensions they bugged me so Wendy told me about the lash lift and I took the plunge. Love! Love my curled lashes. Lasts 8 weeks

Isabella Capone

Wendy thank you so much for the lash lift and tint training. You are such a great teacher and gave me the hands on experience I need to be successful!!!

Terri Lynn Mindle Krajnc‎

Thank you Wendy for having me as a model for one of your students. I love the lash lift! I don’t think I’ll need to wear mascara with having this done highly recommended.


1000% satisfied. Wendy at Beautiliscious is a God send!!! I was so afraid of micro blading & there was nothing to be scared of I was in good hands! Never thought my brows could look so good.


I cannot thank Wendy enough for her training and how confident I felt when it was over. I strongly recommend her training to anyone and it’s worth every penny!


Awesome classes! Wendy rocks! She is patient, knowledgeable & has a great way of teaching & breaking down our hands on experience.