Lash Tint

In our Lash & Brow Tinting course you will learn techniques to beautifully and safely tint your client’s lashes and brows, including shaping & instruction of use for any lash or brow colour.
This service is in great demand, and many beauty salons tend to overlook what it has to offer, but the truth is providing Lash & Brow Tinting in your salon will boost your profits, and it is an add-on service to lash lifts & brow shaping/design.

It’s a quick and easy service that is popular & profitable, and builds repeat business. Your clientele, both men and women will be delighted with the results, only to return every 3-4 weeks.


  • Theory
  • Patch Test
  • Product Overview
  • Safety
  • Work Station Set Up
  • Mixing the Dye
  • Prepare Lashes and Brows
  • Tinting Process
  • Apply the Dye
  • Remove the Dye and Clean the Lashes
  • After-Care

Certificate of Completion




I’m so happy with the results of my micro blading technique……my brows look amazing! I have eyebrows now and they look fantastic I really love them they look so natural


I couldn’t wear lash extensions they bugged me so Wendy told me about the lash lift and I took the plunge. Love! Love my curled lashes. Lasts 8 weeks

Isabella Capone

Wendy thank you so much for the lash lift and tint training. You are such a great teacher and gave me the hands on experience I need to be successful!!!

Terri Lynn Mindle Krajnc‎

Thank you Wendy for having me as a model for one of your students. I love the lash lift! I don’t think I’ll need to wear mascara with having this done highly recommended.


1000% satisfied. Wendy at Beautiliscious is a God send!!! I was so afraid of micro blading & there was nothing to be scared of I was in good hands! Never thought my brows could look so good.


I cannot thank Wendy enough for her training and how confident I felt when it was over. I strongly recommend her training to anyone and it’s worth every penny!


Awesome classes! Wendy rocks! She is patient, knowledgeable & has a great way of teaching & breaking down our hands on experience.