Colour Mixing Workshop

The Bellissimo Colour Mixing Workshop teaches mixing & choosing of proper pigments and is largely based on the understanding and use of colour when choosing proper pigment colours for clients during micro-blading and permanent makeup procedures. The course is for anyone who wants to work with correct colour choice and use it effectively. We cover basic colour theory, colour research (mixing pigments), colour energy, temperature and colour schemes.

Each program begins with a demonstration followed by a session featuring students working on colour.

The program concludes with final homework & a test.

Course Outline

  • Mix pigments to produce results for the six primary and secondary colours.
  • Make a colour circle, for the six primary and secondary colours, and identifying the warm/cool axis and the light/dark axis.
  • Identify the order of light and dark colours.
  • Combining warm and cool colours.
  • Develop colour schemes.
  • Identify and mix complementary colours.
  • Demonstrate variations in the impact of colours produced by variations in texture, etc.
  • Analyze the use of colour on skin.

Basics of Colour

  • Brief survey on theories of colour
  • Relationship between pigments and colours
  • Primary, secondary and complementary
  • Mixing
  • Preparing a basic colour circle
  • Colour energy
  • The colour wheel

Workshop Cost


There is no kit with this workshop. Students are asked to bring their pigments for use in class.

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I’m so happy with the results of my micro blading technique……my brows look amazing! I have eyebrows now and they look fantastic I really love them they look so natural


I couldn’t wear lash extensions they bugged me so Wendy told me about the lash lift and I took the plunge. Love! Love my curled lashes. Lasts 8 weeks

Isabella Capone

Wendy thank you so much for the lash lift and tint training. You are such a great teacher and gave me the hands on experience I need to be successful!!!

Terri Lynn Mindle Krajnc‎

Thank you Wendy for having me as a model for one of your students. I love the lash lift! I don’t think I’ll need to wear mascara with having this done highly recommended.


1000% satisfied. Wendy at Beautiliscious is a God send!!! I was so afraid of micro blading & there was nothing to be scared of I was in good hands! Never thought my brows could look so good.


I cannot thank Wendy enough for her training and how confident I felt when it was over. I strongly recommend her training to anyone and it’s worth every penny!


Awesome classes! Wendy rocks! She is patient, knowledgeable & has a great way of teaching & breaking down our hands on experience.