In this course you will learn how to quickly build a large email list of customers and potential customers for your business.
Why you should be using email marketing & how it means extra sales for your business.
How to set up your email marketing so it makes sales for you on autopilot.
The quickest ways to build a large email list.
What to send in your list and how this turns into profit.

Knowledge of your customers needs
5 hours to be able to implement what you learn
Having a website for your business would be a benefit (but not essential)
Desire to increase your business sales and profits

Did you know that building a simple email list of your customers and potential customers can boost your sales 35% in just 3 months?

Building an email list WILL boost your revenue, if it’s done the right way for your business.

We’ll show you how you can quickly build an email list for your business… and most importantly, how you can use the list to make more and more sales.

If your business has never used email marketing, I’ll show you exactly how to get started, build a list quickly and turn the list into extra sales.

If your business already has an email newsletter, then we’ll show you how to build your list quicker than ever before and make even more sales from your list.

For any business interested in getting new business and convincing existing customers to spend more money, then this course is perfect for you.

Our target audience:

Business owners and managers.
Who want to increase sales and profits.
Who want help with marketing.
The course begins with the basics and is suitable for business owners with any level of knowledge of list building and email marketing.

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