Are the training courses scheduled every day, once a month or on only on certain weeks?

Training dates are offered most weekends, during the week & sometimes monthly. Please message or call for availability schedule.

How long are the micro-blading and permanent makeup courses?

Courses are 3 days with an additional day available for those who require more.

Can I do procedures and make money right after training?

Yes you are fully qualified because our training course is completely “hands on ” working on 5-6 live models.

Do I need to bring models when I register for a training class?

Does permanent make up or micro-blading hurt?

We have very effective topical anesthetics that will alleviate any pain.  If someone should feel any discomfort it is only for a few moments at the very beginning of the procedure. Topical is applied throughout the procedure.

Will I learn how to do a simulated hair stroke during the training course?

Yes, you will learn how to do an “ombre fade” brow and also the feathered hair stroke.

Will I receive a Training Certificate at the end of this course?

Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Training and it is recognized for insurance companies and the Ministry of Training.

Do you provide ongoing support after the course is completed?

Yes. Sometimes there are students who need a little more coaching. We are always available for our students if they require additional support until they find their comfort level.  All of our students are welcome back at any time.