MICROBLADING…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Hello Beauties!
Today let’s chat about microblading. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? Does it hurt? Time to dish all the details. The good the bad and the ugly!!
What is Microblading? It’s basically a semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows. While it falls under the permanent makeup category it’s much less invasive than getting an actual tattoo and it’s only semi-permanent. It can last anywhere from 1-2.5 years depending on various factors, like exfoliation, sun and other.
If you can’t come to us please make sure you do your research. Check out profiles and images. It takes time, and during your research you can prepare yourself mentally to dive deep and commit to having your brows micro bladed. You will be nervous committing because you’ll worry about the shape, and you want and fear your technician won’t listen. You should feel like you can trust your technician, and their opinion. Remember that each individual client is just that…” individual”, and each client has different wants and needs. Look for individual style, because you won’t want the same brows your technician gave that person or whatever. Make sense? When you look through fb pages and Instagram feeds literally every single brow should be amazing.
The art of microblading is a gift to transform people’s brow shapes and honestly any great microblading technician is an artist first. It’s important to have some sort of creative talent to start with. So, do your homework. You want to be full on obsessed with your artist and their work before committing to them. Shop around! Make sure they have experience and that they are certified. Ask lots of questions before committing to your artist.
The most often asked question is…Did it hurt? Here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth… there is slight discomfort when we begin. First off, after measurements are done and we agree with the shape, thickness etc., we start with a cream numbing product and once we pass through the brow we then top it up with a liquid numbing agent that will completely numb the area. I alike it to going to the dentist. They put a numbing agent on your gums first and the injection numbs it completely, it’s the same kind of feeling.
Another really important factor is color. We use and sell top notch pigments that have been tried and tested over and over and will not turn green and your brows will remain amazing. Products are super important in microblading. No room for cheap products in this category.
How long did it take to heal? So, what happens is your artist will cut tiny hair like strokes into your skin with a small pen like tool that holds a tiny sterilized blade made with a series of needles. The strokes will be flaky while healing and it will take approximately one week to ten days for them to flake off and fully heal. Don’t be alarmed for the first few days, when your brows are healing, because your brows will look darker, but fear not as this is part of the process and the color will lighten up quite quickly.
Depending on the brow, we will sometimes add a “shading” or Ombre Fade technique which is necessary to create a natural looking brow. This will differ with each client. Once the flakiness starts peeling off, and the brows are healing, it’s honestly not that bad, and you can easily fill them in. The color will lighten immensely, almost too much – up to 40%. Be warned that you won’t be thrilled with your brows until the six-week touchup. So be prepared.
The shape can be dramatically different and it will take several weeks to finally see that it was better than your original shape. Therefore, it’s important to trust your microblading technician completely and value her/his expert opinion.
What is post op care like? Absolutely no water should be on the brows while healing. Keep coconut oil & Vaseline on to protect the healing brows. Sometimes if you have re-created the “tails” you can put band aids on the tails at night to protect them if you’re a side sleeper. Once the flakiness falls off your free to resume your regular routine.
Six-weeks then what? At your six-week appointment many of the strokes will have fallen off, and that’s where your technician works her magic, adding warmth to the color, making more strokes to help blend the natural brow and the micro bladed brows and refine the shape. Recovery is much better with the 6 weeks touch up and the appointment only lasts an hour to an hour and a half. You won’t notice as much flakiness the second time around, the healing is faster and not as invasive.
Will it be worth it? Yes. 100x yes. It’s a little annoying to go through the whole flaky healing and falling off process, not being able to get the brows wet, but it’s totally worth it. It will shave off a good five to twenty minutes of your routine every morning, which is a big deal considering how busy our lives are!
How much does it cost? It’s a two-hour appointment and we charge $380 – $450 with a microblading + shading combo. The touch-up is an hour-long appointment and it’s free. So, it’s not cheap. But if you want to have perfect brows it’s a great investment!!
All about us! I’m just going to full on brag about our microblading service & training for a split second. We have people drive and fly in to get their brows micro-bladed and to train with us from all over the country and we teach other new & professional micro bladers. When you’re trusting someone with your FACE, you want to get the best!

To book an appointment with us please text (416) 799-0325 or email beautilisciousworld@gmail.com.
At Beautiliscious we offer services including, Micro blading, Permanent Makeup, Lash Lifts, Lash Extensions, Facials, Nails, Waxing & many Refresher Workshops.
BEAUTILISCIOUS is located in downtown Brampton, Ontario and we book by appointment.

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